As a business owner, you want to hire seasoned, reliable candidates for your company. At GL Staffing, we have over 6 decades of staffing experience under our belt. If you’re in the market for a commercial staffing agency in Vero Beach, FL, look no further than GL Staffing. 

More About Our Commercial Staffing Agency In Vero Beach, FL 

GL Staffing only looks for the most qualified candidates available in the area. When it comes to commercial staffing, GL Staffing is the industry leader in Vero Beach, FL. 

Commercial Staffing Services in Vero Beach, FL 

GL Staffing’s on-demand commercial staffing services are flexible and affordable, allowing business owners to find the candidate that’s right for their business without burning a hole in their wallet. 

Our commercial staffing services in Vero Beach, FL come with a slew of benefits for business owners. GL Staffing offers a full range of commercial staffing services, like recruiting services, on-site services, service employee safety training, departmentalized billing, and much more. 

Finding the right employee for the position is GL Staffing’s ultimate goal. Making the staffing process as simple and effective as possible is our pride and joy at GL Staffing. 

Let GL Staffing know what your commercial staffing in Vero Beach, FL needs are, and we’ll find the perfect candidate for your organization. 

Manufacturing Staffing Services in Vero Beach, FL 

If you’re in need of a manufacturing staffing service in Vero Beach, FL, GL Staffing has got you covered. We’ll find the right person for the job, every time. GL Staffing is the experts when it comes to connecting your manufacturing company with the right people. We’re the number one staffing company in Vero Beach, Florida, and our proven track record of successful hires speaks volumes on this fact. 

Manufacturing Industries and Positions 

Ensure your company hires only the most skilled and professional workers with our manufacturing staffing services in Vero Beach, Florida. 

Company and Employee Manufacturing Staffing Services 

GL Staffing finds prospective employees looking for a variety of different types of employment. This includes full-time, part-time, temp to hire, seasonal hires, and more. 

Light Industrial Staffing Services in Vero Beach, FL 

As a light industrial company, your goal should be hiring employees that want to grow with your forward-thinking business. This allows everybody to be on the same page and have the same goal – taking the business to the next level. 

Light Industrial Industries and Positions

GL Staffing aims to provide employees for your business that are ready to work from the first day they’re on the job. Your business or organization will greatly benefit from hiring workers that are capable of positively impacting your light industrial business in Vero Beach, FL. 

Construction Staffing Services in Vero Beach, FL 

Highly skilled laborers are a requirement for construction companies and contractors. GL Staffing only hires the most driven and dedicated individuals for your construction company in Vero Beach, FL. 

Construction Industries and Positions

Each candidate we bring to your construction company will have the skill and experience to fill the role your business needs. This allows your business to enjoy an immediate and lasting positive impact. 

Hospitality Staffing Services In Vero Beach, FL 

If your business needs assistance in finding the right Hospitality Staff for your organization in Vero Beach, FL, GL Staffing can lend you a hand. Hospitality industry business owners know that working in hospitality requires more than one service line and set of skills. GL Staffing’s customized hospitality staffing solutions will help you determine exactly what kind of employee your business needs. 

Hospitality Industries and Positions

GL Staffing provides hospitality staffing in Vero Beach, FL for direct-hire, seasonal hires, temp to hire, temporary hire and full-time. We also staff for Customized Vendor Management Programs Solutions. 

Event Planner Staffing in Vero Beach, FL 

Planning an event but short on staff? Our event planner staffing services in Vero Beach, FL gather the best team to run your event. GL Staffing works closely with our clients to ensure their goals are met every step of the hiring process. 

Event Planner Industries and Positions 

GL Staffing ensures that our event planner staffing services in Vero Beach, FL are flexible so that the hiring demands of our clients are met. This allows your event company to hire staff that is driven, determined, and dependable. 

The Benefits Of Our Commercial Staffing Agency in Vero Beach, FL

GL Staffing’s commercial staffing agency in Vero Beach, FL  finds your organization the most dependable workers in the area. We’ll provide individualized attention for each client that we serve in the commercial industry. 

When it comes to the recruitment process, let GL Staffing’s expert staffing agency handle it. Our goal is to let business owners focus on what they do best – run their business. GL Staffing will customize the recruitment plan to reflect the individual needs of your business. We’ll assist your business to find talented and driven employees that are ready to hit the ground running on the first day of the job. 

GL Staffing’s commercial staffing service provides several benefits, that include: 


Hire employees for temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent placements.


No need for any upfront fees or obligations.


Candidate sourcing, phone screening, and in-person interviews.


Skill assessment, reference checks, background checks, and drug screens.


Staffing Agency in Margate FloridaE-Verify allows employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of a new employee. E-Verify is a voluntary program that electronically matches an employee’s information provided by their Form I-9.

Employers with federal contracts or subcontracts, E-Verify is required. It is the most reliable means available to confirm employment eligibility electronically.

GL Staffing takes all the hassle out of hiring for your commercial organization. We take pride in providing our customers with our five key values: Expertise, Value, Service, Price, & Ownership.

As we have promised for years, our Commercial Staffing Agency in Vero Beach, FL gets the job done!

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