10 Questions You Need To Ask Candidates

10 best interview questions to ask candidates

What To Ask Your Job Posting Candidates

Having to hire candidates on your own can be a headache in itself as you have to take time away from your day to day operations. Trying to decide what to ask can be as difficult as actually trying to decipher what a candidate is really trying to say. GL Staffing has you covered. Here are the 10 questions you should ask every candidate that you interview:

Why do you want to work here?

This question gives you an opportunity to see how well the applicant knows the company through their own research. It also gives you a good opportunity to see if their career goals mirror what your organization is looking for in a potential employee.

What are your biggest strengths?

When asking a candidate what their strengths are, you’re really trying to uncover their self-awareness and what makes them stand out from the sea of other applicants. It also allows you to see whether or not their strengths run parallel to the needs of their position they applied for.

What are your biggest weaknesses?

Like their strengths, asking about their weaknesses gives a candidate a chance to showcase how self aware they truly are, and if they’ll hinder their ability to perform the job effectively. Candidates can also showcase how they are working to improve themselves and overcome their weaknesses.

How do you plan on improving yourself in the next year?

This question presents the perfect floor for candidates to identify where and how they want to grow professionally while working for your company. It provides necessary insight into how they intend on improving themselves, whether it be working on their weaknesses, accomplishing a goal, or working on new skills that would be a major benefit for the team.

How would your coworkers describe you?

Nobody knows how someone operates at their job better than the people they work with, so it’s good to hear how their coworkers would best describe the candidate. Take this response with a grain of salt, as they may embellish and say what they believe their coworkers would say, rather than what they actually would. This question highlights the candidates interpersonal skills and ability to connect and communicate with others effectively.

What motivates you to work?

You want prospective employees to be eager to work and want to help drive your company’s goals, so it’s good to know what motivates an employee to fire on all cylinders.

How do you define hard work?

This is a great question for understanding the type of worker the candidate is. Every company moves at a different pace, and knowing what one employee expects out of a day’s work compared to another can be the deciding factor.

Do you prefer working alone or with a team?

Each role in your company does something different, and as such likely has a different social expectation. Some candidates may prefer working alone, which is ideal for desk jobs where they are able to work on their own, versus team based candidates that thrive best when surrounded by their peers. This question also plays a significant role in your hiring process if your company is working in a hybrid or remote work environment.

Why are you planning on leaving your current job?

There’s a multitude of reasons a candidate may be looking to leave their current job, so make sure to dissect their response. You can likely uncover whether it’s something as simple as moving, or if there was an issue that was left unresolved with their last company. It can paint a picture of how they may one day react in your office.

What’s something about yourself that’s not on your resume?

This question gives the candidate a chance to really show off who they are outside of the resume in your hands. You can get a good read of who they are outside of the office and what they enjoy doing, so you can uncover if they’ll be a good culture fit or not.

With these questions in hand, you can get a great read on a prospective employee and decide if they’re right for your organization or not. If you’re overwhelmed by the hiring process, don’t fret—GL Staffing has you covered. As the leading professional staffing agency, we can assist in vetting high-quality candidates and connecting them to your business. Simply contact us today either online or give us a call at (954) 973-8350 to receive a free staffing consultation!