Finding a Job After Relocating

Finding a Job After Relocating

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The recent pandemic has caused a large uprooting of workers across the U.S. During the pandemic, over 36 million Americans have relocated. If you’re a part of that group, GL Staffing wants to give some helpful information about finding a job after relocating 

With the pandemic, a large shift happened in the workplace, with a majority of industries moving to remote work. While some were happy with this change, some were not. No matter which side you are on, you still have the issue of finding a job after relocating. Moving to a new location means not having a lot of connections which makes the job hunt even more difficult.

Below, you’ll find some helpful tips for finding a job after relocating.


Polish Your Social Media

The pandemic led to a massive jump in social media usage, and not just Facebook and Instagram. More business-centric platforms, like LinkedIn, have seen massive spikes. LinkedIn recently reported that it had over 800 million users in 2021. That means there are probably more people than ever looking for potential hires.

While other social media platforms are important, start by focusing on LinkedIn. Polish your digital resume and make sure everything is up-to-date on your profile. People actively recruiting might just contact you directly if you’re what they’re looking for. Social media could just be the solution to finding a job after relocating.


Be Ready For The New Job Market

Every city or state is different, and they probably have different job needs and trends. Whichever city or state you moved to or are planning to move to, make sure to research the most recent needs and job requirements. This can help you prepare for the job market in that area.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Remote Work

While some don’t like remote work, it’s becoming more and more common each day. The pandemic created a large shift in the average worker’s mind. With almost 70% of workers worldwide saying they want to work remotely, you should be prepared for remote work. It’s predicted that by 2028,  75% of all people from each department will be working remotely. Make sure to keep an open mind if you’re finding a job after relocating.


Search For Temporary Work

Moving after the pandemic can be stressful in itself, so don’t be afraid to look for temporary jobs. Although they might not be a preference, they can at least provide income while you look for something more permanent. These temporary jobs will also help you build connections and strengthen your ability to find new work. 


Connect with GL Staffing 

GL Staffing wants to help you on your journey of finding a new job after relocating. We’ve been building connections with combines all around the world and it’s our job to help them find staffing solutions. We can provide you with job listings that might not even be listed online. If you need help finding employment, contact GL Staffing today. Visit our commercial contact page or our professional contact page or call us today at 954-973-8350.