How To Ace A Job Interview in The Era of Zoom

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Interviewing In The Zoom Era

In-person interviews used to be the norm but with the pandemic, the landscape of interviewing has changed. We have gone digital and for many firms, there is no turning back. The word Zoom has become part of our lexicon and it and other video-meeting services have provided an alternative to in-person meetings.

No matter how technologically savvy you are, zoom meetings can be challenging. in this article, we will look at some tips to help you become a pro at Zoom interviews and land that dream job.

Familiarize Yourself With The Software

Download the app ahead of time. Make sure you have your meeting link and access code from the employer, too. They should set everything up and provide this info. If not, ask them for it.

Also test your own technology – your microphone, your webcam, etc. Make sure everything is working and looks good so you can avoid any last-minute issues that will cause stress and possibly delay your interview. Check all the settings and make sure you have a good WIFI signal. If you have an older machine you may need to update your OS and if your computer doesn’t have one you will need to purchase a webcam.

Remove ALL Distractions From The Interview Area.

We talked about setting up and testing your technology above, but it’s also important to find a room or area of your home that’s best for your Zoom interview.

Pick a spot that’s quiet and distraction-free. Eliminate visual distractions like items on the floor, distracting items on the wall behind you, etc. A painting or picture on the wall is fine, but your poster of Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker may be a bit too distracting. You want the interviewer to be able to focus on your answers and what you’re saying, and distractions in the room will hurt their ability to do this. Shut your windows in the room, too, to eliminate unnecessary noise like lawnmowers, cars, etc. If you have children make sure they are occupied during your interview and that they know not to disturb you during that time.

Place your cellphone on silent or even better put it on airplane mode to prevent any notifications or calls coming in during your Zoom interview.

Be Punctual But Not Too Early

Being 30 mins early for a traditional interview is totally fine but with digital platforms such as Bluejeans, Zoom, Google hangouts, etc this is not required. In fact, it’s not recommended, as you may end up interrupting an in-progress meeting on the account. Many employers may use the same “meeting room” or link for multiple job seekers. So you may be entering a “room” that was being used to talk to another job seeker before you. The rule of thumb is to log in 5 mins before your scheduled meeting to make sure the link works and your audio and video are functional

Have A Set of Prepared Answers to The Most CommonInterview Questions

Don’t get so sidetracked by setting up the technology that you forget to prepare for the interview itself – mainly, how you plan to answer the top interview questions employers ask. Also, think about any potential concerns they may have about your background in particular… and how you’ll address those.

Anticipate the questions they’re likely to ask, practice your answers, and you’ll feel more relaxed in the interview. Some of the most common interview questions are:

  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What are your goals?
  • Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) your job?
  • When were you most satisfied in your job?
  • What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?
  • What are three positive things your last boss would say about you?

Practice your answers while recording yourself and play it back. Look and listen for areas where you can improve on. Make those adjustments to your tone, body language and eye contact as well as your content before going on live.

Have A List of Question to Ask Your Interviewer

Make a list and check it twice, It is inevitable that at some point during the conversation the Interviewer will ask you “Do you have any questions for me?” Employers want to hire people who ask good questions in the job interview. This shows them that you’re excited to work for them and that you’re curious about their job. This is true in every industry, for every type of job.

Research the company before the interview and come up with a series of questions based on your research. Some good questions to ask your interview are:

  • What’s your favorite part about working here?
  • Are there opportunities for advancement or professional development?
  • What are the performance expectations of this position over the first 12 months?
  • Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with?
  • How would you describe the work environment here—is the work typically collaborative or more independent?
  • How long have you been with the company?
  • What is the company culture like?
  • What does a typical day look like in this role?

What Not To Wear

This might be the most overlooked step given that everyone is home and sweat pants have become the uniform of choice. But choosing what to wear to a Zoom interview is an important step.
When deciding what to wear, keep in mind that certain colors and patterns do not show well on camera. You will want to avoid busy patterns, stripes, and loud colors that distract from you. Although you will not be in person, traditional interview attire is still applicable. Be sure to try on your complete outfit and test it out on camera beforehand to ensure that everything comes off well on video and also fits properly.

What to Do During a Zoom Interview

While on the Zoom call, be mindful of your presentation and how you are interacting with your interviewer. Be aware of your facial expressions and body language. Remember you are on camera and can be seen so at all times remain professional.  Speak softly and clearly so you can effectively communicate with the interviewer. Listen to understand and not just to respond. Be confident and at all times remain positive about your experiences and provide engaging dialogue.
With Zoom interviews becoming more of the norm, it’s important to know exactly what to do to prepare. Hopefully, these Zoom interview tips help you prepare and feel confident in knowing how to ace your interview.


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