Tips on How To Retain Workers

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How Many Times Are People Changing Jobs?

The exact numbers may be unknown, but there is no doubt that professionals in the 21st century change jobs many times over the course of their careers. Gone are the days when employees spent 20-to-30 years with the same company. This is due to a range of features such as some jobs becoming obsolete due to automation, technology, and market factors such as customer demand. The change in market dynamics has also affected the way Human Resources departments operate their recruiting, interviewing, and training processes. With the change in the hiring landscape, there are things you can do to stem the revenue-draining effects of this costly cycle, consider the following points to optimize employee retention.

Hire The Right Employees

This might seem like a no-brainer but hiring the right people for the job is like putting the right fuel in your car. The tricky part is that it is difficult to tell at first glance if someone is the right fit until you have had a chance to evaluate them performing the job for a while. However, there are things you can do to gauge a person’s competence level with regard to performing the tasks at hand.

Your goal is to find someone who is driven and passionate about what they do and passionate about what your company does. Look out for persons who have the drive to contribute and expand their role within your organization. During the screening process, pay close attention to the reason they parted ways with their previous jobs. If they are seeking upward movement in their career then that can be a good sign. But if a pattern of lateral career moves shows up then this should set off your “spidey-senses”. Questions such as how many jobs have you had in the past 2-3 years can in effect flush out a pattern and may show that this candidate may seek to jump ship once they are faced with workplace challenges. Another great way to perform due diligence is to ask for personal and professional references. Ask open-ended questions to find out the candidate’s personality, work ethic, and overall attitude when in and out of a professional situation.

Have a Workplace Culture

We spend a huge chunk of our day at work so it’s no surprise that employees look at the workplace as more than a means to getting a paycheck. They want to work in an environment that caters to the whole person, allowing them to feel fulfilled and appreciated in the tasks they execute for your company. Employees want to feel valued and appreciated and also challenged to accomplish goals and once those goals are accomplished they want to feel recognized for a job well done.

None of this is possible if the company culture is not one that is welcoming and enduring to its employees. Businesses should strive to develop and maintain an environment that your ideal candidate wants to be a part of. Consider putting in place a mentorship program that will allow your seasoned employees to be able to impart knowledge to the new members of staff. This ensures that there is proper succession planning and also fosters teamwork and partnerships. New hires will be able to see what they can achieve with diligent work and the senior staff can impart the knowledge they have gained from their time at the company.

Proper Employee Compensation is Key

It goes without saying that employees want to be paid for hard work. When employees are completely satisfied in their position, the way to get them to defect is by offering more attractive compensation in a highly similar role. When this happens, and a competitor comes in and offers one of your best employees a 20% higher salary to work for them, it can be tempting to let that employee move on and try to find a cheaper replacement. This is not usually the best course of action as one needs to factor in the cost of recruiting, onboarding, and training a new employee. not to mention the cost of the brain drain that will happen from losing a tenured employee who knows your company inside and out.

You may end up costing yourself more in the long run by losing an employee for compensation reasons. Proper compensation without breaking the bank will show employees they are valued and establish a level of trust. In fact, the higher wages usually pay for themselves in the short run.

A Great Work Environment Fosters Creativity

The days of the suit and tie, briefcase, and constricted office cubicle are fast becoming a relic of the past. Today’s employees prefer a more open concept where they can interact with co-workers in a more communal environment. This allows for collaborative efforts and fosters an arena where your employees can allow their creativity to shine through. Open spaces allow for the free flow of ideas and there is something about open spaces and natural light that aids with comparing fatigue and keeps your employees excited about coming to work each day.

Consider Alternative “Office’ Solutions – Working Remote

With the globalized economy that we now operate in the dated concept of the traditional 9-to-5 is fast becoming a thing of the past. The advent of broadband internet means that we no longer have to be tied to offices and schedules. Cloud-based technology means that staff can access and share files with each other without having to physically be in the same space. If covid has taught us one thing it is that employees are perfectly capable of performing their job functions remotely and some may even be more efficient with this option. Updating your business model to suit the needs of today’s workers can see your company moving with the times and help to stem the tide of employee turnover.

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