If your business is in need of a Certified Public Accountant then look no further than GL Staffing, the leader in Florida staffing solutions. When running a business you’ll need assistance in executing business plans and keeping your finances in check. Let GL Staffing offer you the help you need with one of our expert CPAs. With over 6 decades of accountant staffing, we’re confident we can offer you the perfect CPA for your business.

GL Staffing Can Provide Your Business With Quality CPA Staffing Solutions

When you hire our services, we’ll find you the best CPA to satisfy the needs of your business. We work closely with your business during the recruitment process to ensure we find the most qualified employee. Regardless if you own a commercial or small company, you’ll need someone to help manage your finances. But if you’re looking for total success, you wouldn’t just want any accountant, you’ll need a CPA.

Accountants and CPAs are very similar except that the latter is much more educated in finance handling. Their assistance is vital when it comes to business plan execution and they’re also heavily dependable when it comes to financial paperwork. You as the owner understand that time is money and when you’re spending too much time handling your own finances, you’re wasting time that could’ve been used in other areas of your business. Besides overseeing budgets and managing finances, CPAs can also:

  • – Advise you on advantageously saving money
  • – Draft and analyze budgets
  • – Consult you about benefits, asset protection, and compensation
  • – Perform strategic planning, budget development, fraud prevention
  • – Work with tax returns and ensure taxes are paid on time
  • – And much more


Benefits Of GL Staffing’s Services

GL Staffing’s services offer a range of benefits, some of which include:

Flexible Staffing

You’ll have the option to utilize our flexible staffing services and hire a temporary, part-time, or even a full-time employee at your disposal.

Risk-Free Recruitment

No upfront fees or obligations are required with our staffing services. You can benefit your business without the worry of putting it at risk.

Recruiting Services

Our hiring services also include phone screenings, in-person interviews, and candidate sourcing.

Customized Recruitment Plans

You have the choice of hiring only the most skilled and qualified candidates with your own personalized recruitment plan. We are dedicated at GL Staffing to placing expert employees in your business.

Candidate Due Diligence

We perform skill assessments, background checks, drug screens, and reference on all employees under GL Staffing. We take the time to make sure you’ll have a valued employee so that you don’t waste yours.

For a glimpse of other benefits that accompany our services, click HERE.

Our CPA Employment Verification Process

Professional Staffing Agency in South Florida

You can easily verify the employment eligibility and identity of newly hired employees with ​E-Verify​.  E-Verify electronically matches employee’s Form I-9 information. If you are an employer with federal contracts or subcontracts you are required to use E-Verify. The program is the most reliable way to confirm employment eligibility electronically.

Contact GL Staffing & Hire a CPA Today

We pride ourselves at GL Staffing for providing beneficial service to Florida’s businesses for over 60 years. When you hire our services you can take advantage of our broad network of employees that we offer. And in return, you’ll get to witness your business thrive with success. For any inquiries, you may reach us at 954-973-8350 or visit our contact page.