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If you’re a business owner looking to hire professional office staff, then look no further than GL Staffing. We’re the number one choice for staffing solutions throughout the state of Florida. When you choose us for your staffing agency, we don’t stop until we find the most qualified office employees who can be an asset to your business. Because we’ve provided 6 decades of service, we’re confident that our staffing searches for your business will be a success. With our immense network of industry contacts, we can find the right office employees to fill the role you desire. GL Staffing is the optimal choice in providing you with office staffing solutions.

GL Staffing Will Find The Right Office Employees For Your Business

At GL Staffing, we understand how important it is that you’re equipped with the most qualified office staff. Various office employees specialize in certain tasks that ensure your daily operations go uninterrupted such as data entry, customer service, and much more. Regardless of what qualifications you seek in employees, GL Staffing can assist in what you’re looking for thanks to our quality staffing services in Florida.

When you hire us for your business, you can rest assured that we’ll find the right people to execute your search for new office employees.

Clerical Staff

Clerical workers perform basic administrative and office duties for a company. Think of this role as the person who keeps the office organized and running smoothly. What does a clerical worker do on a day-to-day basis? The clerical staff is usually responsible for answering phones, maintaining filing systems, assisting with scheduling, handling deliveries, and doing data entry, among other tasks. Because of the variety of tasks involved in clerical work, you should be well-organized and detail-oriented if you choose this profession.

Another important aspect of clerical work is customer service. A clerical worker is usually the person answering phones and receiving people at the door of an office. You serve as the first point of contact for customers, clients, and investors. Being in a customer-facing role, you must have strong customer service skills to thrive as a clerical worker.

Clerical Worker Duties

With our office staffing solutions, we can find for you the best, most qualified clerical staff that fits your business’s standards. Clerical staff is often tasked with overseeing the daily operations of your business as well as performing essential functions and you wouldn’t want anyone who is inexperienced to be fulfilling this role. Whenever we search for professional clerical workers for you we ensure that they’re capable of:

  • Answering Phones: speaking in a professional tone to customers and other business-related individuals.
  • Filing: File important information accordingly for you and other staff’s convenience.
  • Printing and Faxing: ensure that vital information is communicated effectively with the proper equipment
  • Computers and Data Entry: deeply knowledgeable of computers and entering data properly.
  • Calendar and Scheduling: Ensure that the office calendar is adjusted accordingly.

Administrative Assistants

GL Staffing will ensure that you have the proper administrative staff to work for your business. Administrative assistants perform duties similar to what clerical staff might perform, except that they’re usually more specialized in certain areas. Plus, they can also typically work in other areas including:

  • Bookkeeping
    • administrative assistants can be counted on to monitor and recording expenditures. They can also create spreadsheets and report expenses to the necessary superiors.
  • Planning and Scheduling
    • They can plan for events such as luncheons and board meetings. This involves inquiring about participant’s availability as well as researching vendor prices.
  • Documentation
    • Administrative staff can also assist other office employees with documentation. They’re usually relied on to type, edit, and proofread documents.


Receptionists are the face of an office setting and we at GL Staffing understand that. When looking for a receptionist for your business, we always make sure to find one who is friendly and professional and will assist in your company in any way you find fit. Apart from welcoming guests and notifying you of their arrivals, receptionists also:

  • Maintains security and telecommunications system by monitoring logbooks, following procedures, and issuing visitor badges
  • Direct calls to appropriate staff/departments
  • Informs visitors by answering inquiries
  • Contribute to team effort

Our Office Employee Verification Process


Professional Staffing Agency in South Florida

​E-Verify allows users to easily verify the identity and employment eligibility of newly hired employees for your company. Though it is a voluntary program, if you are an employer with federal contracts or subcontracts, then you are required to use E-verify. This online system electronically matches the office employee’s information provided by their Form I-9.

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