When you need a professional staffing agency in Lake Park, FL that provides your company with the most skilled and reliable employees, get in touch with GL Staffing. Our staffing solutions free up your schedule as we do all the work for you. We source through the largest pool of potential clients whose skill set fits correctly with your business.  

At GL Staffing, we have over 60 years of professional staffing experience for companies in Lake Park, FL. Our goal is always to help you hire the right employee for the right job for your business.

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Our staffing experts source through only the most qualified candidates that are eager to help your company grow. We provide staffing services and solutions in Lake Park, FL that includes:

Accounting and Finance Staffing Agency in Lake Park, FL

Ready to push your accounting and finance firm to the next level of success? With our accounting and finance staffing agency in Lake Park, FL, we find your company most skilled employees willing and ready to make an impact on your business. Experience the relief of interviewing candidates that excel in interpersonal and technical skills. 

Accounting & Finance Positions

IT Jobs and Tech Staffing Agency in Lake Park, FL

When your IT or Tech company needs to hire technically skilled employees that are dependable, GL Staffing provides the perfect solution. Our full-service staffing agency in Lake Park finds highly technical and specialized candidates ready to make their mark on the IT industry. 

Our staffing agency has been providing employees for top tier companies throughout Lake Park, FL for over 60 years. Quickly fulfill your companies hiring needs with flexible staffing services, including temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent placement.

IT & Technology Positions

Engineering and Construction Management Staffing Agency in Lake Park, FL

When you need to fill a job position in the construction and manufacturing industry with the right people, we got you covered. Our recruiters connect you with a wide range of talent all across the construction industry. Fill any job position you need to with temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent placement candidates.

Engineering & Construction Positions

When it comes to Construction Management, our staffing solutions cover superintendents, foreman, project managers, estimators, and schedule makers.

Office and Administration Staffing Agency in Lake Park, FL

Find and staff the most professional personnel for your company in Lake Park, FL. We are capable of providing the candidates with a skill set that fits your job description perfectly.

At GL Staffing’s office and administrative staffing agency in Hialeah, FL, we find the most professional personnel for your company. We staff for a variety of job positions including temporary hire, temporary to permanent hire, and permanent hire.

Office & Administration Positions

How Your Company Benefits From The Most Professional Staffing Agency in Lake Park, FL

At GL Staffing, our goal is to always satisfy all your hiring needs through personalized attention and quality care. Satisfy all your hiring needs through personalized attention and quality care provided by the best staffing agency in Lake Park, FL, GL Staffing. Our goal is to ensure we satisfy all your hiring needs through personalized attention and quality care.

With our staffing experts in Lake Park, FL, lessen the workload off your plate and allow us to handle every aspect of the recruitment process for you. That way, you can focus on managing your business and not wasting time on sourcing and interviews.

For over 60 years, we have remained committed to providing the most professional staffing solutions at a competitive price in Lake Park, FL. Each step of your recruitment plan we offer you is tailored to reflect and satisfy the staffing solutions your company needs.

We offer professional staffing services in Lake Park, FL that provide benefits including:

Flexible Staffing

Once you decide to hire us for our Lake Park staffing agency services, you’ll have the final say in choosing potential candidates that are able to fulfill your scheduling needs.

It can often be very time-consuming looking for quality employees that can work under your required schedule. So when you don’t feel like wasting time trying to find the best employees, let us do the work for you. With our expertise and professionalism, we’re able to find for you candidiates that can work for temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent placements. Ultimately, our staffing agency in Lake Park will allow you to recruit just about any number of employees that you’ll need to work diligently and efficiently under the scheduling you require.

Risk-Free Recruitment

Even though it is common for a staffing agency in Lake Park to demand upfront fees or obligations, you can trust that we here at GL Staffing will never ask you for such charges. We always aim to ensure that our clients are engaging in a risk-free recruitment process when we’re looking for experienced candidates. Due to this, we won’t ever charge you any unnecessary fees.

We completely understand how looking for employees can be a time-consuming activity. And by wasting time, you’re only making less money. When you hire a Lake Park staffing agency that charges you miscellaneous fees, their service only defeats the purpose of you trying to save money when trying to find candidates. Due to this, you can best believe that we won’t ever charge you any such fees when looking for employees.

Versatile Recruiting Services

Numerous individuals don’t realize just how versatile our staffing agency in Lake Park is. Simply saying that “we search for quality employees” is such an understatement that describes our multi-faceted responsibilities.

Once we get to work looking for the best employees for your business, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that you’re absolutely satisfied with your new staff of employees. And to ensure that we always do our work correctly, we rely on sourcing, phone screenings, and in-person interviews.

We here at our Lake Park staffing agency always work diligently to ensure that we make the best decisions on the most qualified staff members for your business. We always double-check our work to make sure that the employees we provide you with ultimately benefit you. Additionally, to further guarantee that your new team of employees are best for you, we also perform background checks as well.

Candidate Due Diligence

Other than performing background checks, we always go to great lengths to ensure that your employees are the best fit for you. When we double-check, we always make the absolute most out of our Lake Park staffing agency expertise.

When we get to work and consult with your potential candidates, we don’t only do perform standard one-on-one interviews. We also perform skill assessments in order to signify how well they can actually perform in your work environment. Moreover, we also look into candidates’ listed references so that we can verify the validity of their employment history as well as their expertise. We even perform drug screens for them as well, if you so wish for us to do that.

Customized Recruitment Plans

One of the best things about our Lake Park staffing agency is that our services are completely customizable based on your needs. Even though we have a typical guideline that we’d like to follow during staffing procedures, we are always more than willing to adjust our methods based on what you require. Ultimately, you have the ultimate choice in creating a recruitment plan that you know will ensure you’ll receive the greatest employees.

If you ever feel pressed for time when you need the right staff and you require that we don’t perform all standard procedures, we can adjust for you. Or if you simply think some methods of our staffing procedures aren’t needed to help you find the right staff, we can also adjust for you. You ultimately have the choice; it’s entirely in your hands.

The GL Staffing Agency is responsible for getting over 3,000 people hired to work at 250 businesses every day.

Our Employment Verification Process in Lake Park, FL

The ​E-Verify​ program we utilize can easily verify the identity and employment eligibility of newly hired employees for your company. It is a voluntary program that electronically matches the employee’s information provided by their Form I-9. Any employer with federal contracts or subcontracts is required to use E-Verify.

With E-Verify, you gain the most reliable means to confirm employment eligibility electronically.

Your company saves time and money with GL Staffing’s staffing agency located in Lake Park, FL. Our broad network of employers and potential employees are there for your company’s benefit.

Our staffing services take all the hassle out of the hiring process for your organization, so you can continue focusing on growing your business. We have continued success for over 60 years in the staffing industry, thanks to our five fundamental values: Expertise, Value, Service, Price, & Ownership.

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