Make Soft Skills Count

soft skills

Why Soft Skills Matter

While hard skills are what will get you noticed for a job, soft skills are what make the true difference in the workplace. They will make you stand out from the crowd and will help you build connections with your work colleagues. GL staffing wants to help show which soft skills are most important in today’s workplace. 


Soft Skills in the Workplace

The best way to look at soft skills is to think back to a teacher or manager that you liked and had a good connection with. You likely remembered them so well because they made you feel encouraged and understood. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving are all that make someone seem like a hero in the workplace. They make you a better colleague, leader, and overall human being. Essentially, the skills that make people trust and value you. 


Why are Soft Skills so Important

In today’s world, Emails, messaging apps, and emojis have become the new normal instead of face-to-face communication. While they prove to be convenient and helpful, they have created a large disconnect between everyone. People just dont have the courage or motivation to speak to someone directly. Companies now need good soft skills more than ever. A team can’t properly function without having someone who will step up and lead.


Soft Skills on Your Resume

While it’s always important to have your hard skills on your resume, having a good balance of hard and soft skills could ultimately be the difference-maker if you get a job or end up in the recycling bin. Don’t just put one-word responses on your resumes such as ‘leadership’ or ‘communication’. Instead, be more descriptive and say how you’ve used those skills. Something like “ Organized weekly meetings to grow connections within a team”. This displays your skills much better than just one simple word.


Soft Skills During an Interview

While you can write whatever you want on a resume, the interview is where you really need your soft skills to shine in person. Make sure to use a good tone of voice and keep good body language. This shows good confidence and that you have the ability to connect with others around you. During an interview, be prepared to answer questions relating to these soft skills:


  • Problem-solving skills: Be able to think of solutions on the spot as well as analyze information.
  • Values: Make sure to do your research and be able to relate to any questions they may ask you about charities or ex-colleagues. 
  • Teamwork: When questions come up about teamwork, try to show how you were an important asset to past projects you’ve been a part of. 



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