Do you need to hire highly skilled and dependable candidates for your next project or professional organization? GL Staffing has over 60 years of staffing experience. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships based on our key values. GL Staffing Services has constructed a team-based environment where everyone is focused on building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with all of our clients. Therefore, we provide unmatched service by tailoring staffing solutions to meet our client’s needs and always honoring our commitments. GL Staffing is not just a staffing agency in Hollywood, FL, but your personal human resources partner. 

We also strive to provide excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and qualified and safety-conscientious employees who will get the job done! Every day we help place over 3,000 people to work at over 250 companies. Whether you need a few employees or an entire crew, GL Staffing provides you with a qualified workforce. Focusing on your staffing needs will allow you to focus more on your business. 

Accounting and Finance Staffing Agency in Hollywood, FL

Staff your business with the most skilled employees with our accounting and finance staffing agency in Hollywood, FL. Here at GL Staffing, we help find that highly-sought-after Staffing Accountant or Financial Controller that your business may need the services of. We offer flexibility with our Temporary, Temporary to Permanent, and Permanent Placement positions. In addition, all of our recruiters were once accounting and finance professionals, this entails gives us the upper hand in effectively finding the right candidates for these types of positions. 

Accounting & Finance Positions

IT Jobs and Tech Staffing Agency in Hollywood, FL

GL Staffing is a full-service staffing agency in Hollywood, FL that specializes in​ ​IT careers​. We help find the right candidate that meets your specific criteria for top tier IT & Technology companies across Florida. GL Staffing understands the importance of finding talented candidates for your jobs and projects and we go to great lengths to find those candidates that will be a great fit. Not to mention, we provide flexible IT staffing services that include temporary, temporary to permanent, and also permanent placement positions. Check out the link below for a list of our staffing positions we are in search of.

IT & Technology Positions

Engineering and Construction Management Staffing Agency in Hollywood, FL

Whether you need to fill a Superintendent job, Construction Project Manager position or Engineer jobs, GL Staffing is up for the challenge! Our​ ​engineering and construction management​ staffing agency in Hollywood, FL provides staffing for the construction and manufacturing industry. When it comes to providing expertise on finding quality candidates for construction and manufacturing companies, trust in GL Staffing as we have provided staffing services since 2001. We have the resources, expertise, and network, to help you find the right candidates. No matter the size of your project, we provide the talent for any and all engineer jobs and construction project manager jobs. Our flexible staffing services offer temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent placement for all positions. 

Engineering & Construction Positions

Office and Administration Staffing Agency in Hollywood, FL

Our office and administrative staffing agency in Hollywood, FL finds the right personnel for your company. Whether you need candidates to cover special projects or vacations for staff members, our resources, expertise, and network enable us to deliver ideal office and administrative talent in the Hollywood area. GL Staffing staffs a variety of positions, office managers, data entry specialists, receptionists, and customer service representatives. As the leading staffing agency in Hollywood, we offer flexible staffing services including temporary hire, temporary to permanent hire, and permanent hire.

Office & Administration Positions

Why GL Staffing Is Your Best Source for All Your Staffing Needs in Hollywood, FL

We provide personalized attention to each of our clients to satisfy all your hiring needs. GL Staffing agency in Hollywood, FL strives to provide the best candidates that fit all your staffing needs. In addition, we handle the recruitment process so you can stay focused on managing your business. We stay committed to providing the highest level of expert, value, and service at a competitive price. Each recruitment plan is designed to reflect the individual needs of your company. We get the job done!  


Our expertise, developed from over seventeen years in the business, gives us the ability to develop flexible staffing options for our clients. We tailor our staffing offerings to provide customers flexibility and peace of mind. Most importantly, we focus on building long-term relationships based on trust and dedication, and always honor our commitments.


We know your time is valuable and in the staffing industry, it’s not just the speed of fulfillment that counts but also the quality of the candidate. For 17 years GL Professional Staffing has honed its recruiting process to yield quality candidates quickly.


Our mission is to understand our customer’s culture and hiring needs. GL Staffing is committed to making the process as easy as possible. Just tell us what you need and we’ll work together to Get the job done! We will quickly find and properly vet the ideal candidate. Let our staffing agency in Hollywood, FL handle the recruiting process and paperwork to GL Staffing.


GL Professional Staffing provides competitive pricing through our knowledge, experience, and expertise. Similarly, we help reduce your costs for job advertising, recruiting, and interviewing candidates. Along with helping with drug testing, social security deductions, unemployment compensation, and federal tax processing.


The owners of GL Staffing are involved in the business on a day-to-day basis and are always available to all of our clients. We are known for building relationships with our clients through trust and service. Our reputation as leaders in the staffing field has helped us grow as a company. Therefore, we have never underestimated the value of a handshake and have maintained our word from day one. When we agree to do a job, we make sure We Get The Job Done! We understand the value of maintaining a solid reputation and honoring commitments.

Our Recruiting Process :


GL Staffing’s goal is to understand your organization’s culture and hiring needs, so we can find the ideal candidate. Similarly, we conduct a face to face consultation with the hiring manager.


Serving the Florida market for more than 17 years, GL Staffing has placed more than 3,000 candidates a day with employment. In addition, our recruiters utilize a variety of state of the art tools and outreach mediums to connect with candidates.


Our professional recruiters specialize in quickly and effectively vetting candidates. Our recruiters have either conducted a phone screen, skype or in-person interview before they have reviewed their resume. Once we have verified their references and completed a skills assessment, only then will we view the candidate’s resume. Our goal is to provide qualified candidates resumes within 72 hours of the start of the engagement.


We offer flexibility to employers with our temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent placement staffing services.

How Can Your Business Benefit From GL Staffing Services in Hollywood, FL

Our staffing agency in Hollywood, FL provides a myriad of benefits. The best of these, however, include:

Flexible Staffing

When you choose to hire our Hollywood staffing agency, you’ll have the choice of hiring candidates that best fit your scheduling needs.

It can be often time-consuming to search for new employees that are able to work under your schedule. So instead of just wasting your own time trying to find the best employees, allow us to do it for you. With our expertise, we can easily find for you candidates that can work for temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent placements. Generally, our staffing agency in Hollywood will let you recruit just about any amount of staff members you require that can work diligently and productively under the scheduling you require.

Risk-Free Recruitment

While it’s common that a staffing agency in Hollywood might often demand upfront fees or obligations, you can best believe that GL Staffing never will. We want to make sure our clients are engaging in a risk-free recruitment process when seeking employees. For this reason, we won’t ever impose any unnecessary fees.

We understand that looking for employees by itself can be time-consuming. And when you’re wasting time, you’re just making less money. Hiring a Hollywood staffing agency that will charge you miscellaneous fees for staffing would absolutely defeat the purpose of hiring said service to look for employees in order to save money. Because of this, you can trust that we won’t ever charge you such fees when looking for employees.

Versatile Recruiting Services

There are countless individuals who don’t realize how versatile our staffing agency in Hollywood is. “We search for quality employees” is such an understatement that describes our multi-faceted responsibilities.

When we get to work looking for the greatest employees for your business/company, we always go out of our way to make sure that you’re more than satisfied with your new staff. And to ensure we do this correctly, we depend on sourcing, phone screenings, and in-person interviews.

Our Hollywood staffing agency works diligently to ensure that they make deliberate choices on the most qualified employees for your business. We always double-check to ensure that the employees we provide you with ultimately benefit you. More so, to further guarantee that your new employees are right for you, we also perform background checks as well.

Candidate Due Diligence

Along with performing background checks, we always go the extra mile to make sure that your new employees are the right fit for you. When we say that we double-check, we make the most out of our Hollywood staffing agency expertise.

Whenever we consult with your potential candidates, we don’t just do a simple one-on-one interview. We also utilize skill assessments just to see how well they can actually perform in your work environment. More so, we also look into candidates’ listed references to guarantee the validity of their employment history as well as their expertise. We even perform drug screens for them as well, if you so wish for us to do that.

Customized Recruitment Plans

One of the greatest things about our Hollywood staffing agency is that our services are totally customizable based on your needs. While we usually have a guideline we like to follow during staffing procedures, we always adjust our methods based on what you require. Generally, you have the ultimate choice in creating a recruitment plan that you know will promise you’ll receive the best employees.

If you feel that you are pressed for time when needing the right staff and you don’t require that we fulfill all procedures when searching for qualified employees, we can adjust for you. Or if you simply think some methods of our staffing procedures aren’t needed to help you find the right staff, we can also adjust for you. You ultimately have the choice; it’s entirely in your hands.

Our Employment Verification Process in Hollywood, FL

Professional Staffing Agency in South FloridaWith​ ​E-Verify, easily verify the identity and also the employment eligibility of newly hired employees for your company.

The E-Verify program is a voluntary program that electronically matches the employee’s information provided by their Form I-9. Any employer with federal contracts or subcontracts is required to use E-Verify.

E-Verify is the most reliable means to confirm employment eligibility electronically.

GL Staffing‘s staffing solutions save your company time and money. Please take advantage of the broad network of employers and potential employees we have to offer. Let us take all the hassle out of hiring for your organization with our professional staffing agency in Hollywood, FL. We take pride in providing our customers with our five fundamental values: Expertise, Value, Service, Price, & Ownership.

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