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GL Staffing Transition to work from office

GL Staffing Transition to work from officeReturning To The Office: What To Do

2020 hit us like a storm and companies had to scramble to make provisions for staff to work remotely and not have operations scuttled due to the effects of Covid-19. Home offices sprung up and millions of desks, chairs, and coffee pots were shipped to homes across the US as workers settled into the new norm of remote work. As situations change and more states begin to reopen fully, staff will be transitioning back into office. But how do we deal with the change of going back to in-person work after a whole year at home?

Transitioning to a remote position will undoubtedly be a mammoth task for some. Making the move back to a physical office can be a challenging shift. (The fact that working in PJs is frowned upon is just the tip of the iceberg.)

If you are transitioning from remote work back to being in the office, here are a few tips that can help make the transition as seamless and painless as possible.

Take A Piece of Home to The Office

We’ve all become acclimated to and in some cases even become dependent on the creature comforts of home. One of the most jarring things about leaving the comforts of your home office is that the at-home conveniences you’re used to, like having the refrigerator within arm’s reach and not having to put on pants all day, are no longer feasible.

While you will no longer be able to go without pants or have your party playlist blasting in the background at your corporate desk, you can ease the transition by finding a couple of ways to make your new office feel more familiar. Things like bringing in a potted plant, a battery-operated waterfall, or even bringing a scented oil diffuser can go a far way to help you feel a little more at home.

Bringing a slice of home with you to the office can go a long way in helping you ease back into the flow of work.

Keep Your Routine Going

Having an effective routine was paramount for successfully navigating the work from home landscape. It was necessary to have structure in an otherwise totally unstructured environment. Bringing that same structure and routine with you to the office is a must when transitioning back to the office. Having great time management skills and dedication to completing the daily tasks is very important but so is also knowing how to have an effective work-life balance. So, having a routine will help keep you balanced and focused.

Going back to work will inevitably bring back distractions such as those impromptu water cooler meetings and trips to the copy room that turn into department meetings. But, in this world of unscheduled distractions, try to stick to some semblance of a routine. This will help you be as productive as possible. Yes, some elements may be difficult to implement but if you typically responded to emails and checked on industry trends in the morning while you worked from home, make that the same routine while back in the office. Above all do not be afraid to communicate your preferences to your co-workers and inform them of your need to stick to a certain flow. Establishing time boundries is an essential part of structuring your workflow and making sure you are at your most productive level when transitioning back to the office.

Effective Communication Leads to Transparency

Effective remote work pretty much demanded constant and proactive communication with your team members. Due to the fact that your co-workers couldn’t just stop by to discuss a project, it was paramount that you responded to emails and instant messages in a timely manner. On your routine to the office don’t fall into the trap of feeling like proximity is an effective form of communication. Do not assume that everyone is on the same page but stick to a pattern of prompt response and effective communication with your team members.

Branch Out, Within Reason

The hardest part of transitioning back to the office will be the utter shattering of your once quiet day. Going from total isolation to an office filled with chatter, laughter, ringing phones and other sounds/distractions you haven’t had in over a year will take some getting used to.  While you may be tempted to catch up on the latest office “goss” or debate who is the G.O.A.T Michael or LeBron, it can also be tough to keep up the same level of productivity when you’re suddenly surrounded by other persons.

Having self-discipline is crucial to the onslaught of new workplace socialization. Try blocking out time to connect with colleagues and as stated above, don’t be afraid to set boundaries on your time.

Working remotely had its good side but going back to the office doesn’t have to feel like a departure from that if you take the right steps. Autonomy, work ethic, effective time management, and comfort are all transferrable. While the adjustments may initially be overwhelming, with practice and patience you can find success and satisfaction on “the inside,” too.

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