What Companies Are Looking For In Prospective Employees

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What To Know As A Prospective Employee

As people come to the end of their career at one job or decide to get back in the job market, they quickly realize that they’re a bit rusty and need to brush up on their interviewing skills. While many interviews may seem like every question is fruitless and doesn’t go anywhere, however, each one is designed to elicit a certain response and discover what types of qualities you have as an employee. While there are a number of questions that you could be asked during an interview, there are five vital qualities that every company looks for in employees.  

Essential Qualities For Prospective Employees

  • Potential For Longevity
  • Drive And Dedication
  • Can Operate Alone Or With A Team
  • Creativity

Potential For Longevity

Companies are constantly looking for long-term solutions. Going through the hiring cycle can be exhausting as the search for the perfect fit continues. People get hired with hopes of them being the solution, however, they don’t really fill the gap and leave the company in the same place it was previously. Companies want employees who are looking to make an impact for a long time. Even temporary hires and contractual hires are designed to highlight the potential for these temporary employees to stay onboard for the long-term. They want someone who fits the culture properly and can be a valuable asset for years to come. This requires prospective employees to be willing to learn and grow alongside the company. This is vital for prospective employees to keep in mind while being interviewed by either a professional staffing service or HR representative.

Drive And Dedication

Prospective employees should be aware that companies are constantly on the lookout for employees with the drive and dedication to tackle any project. They want people who are early, on-time, and ready to get to work each and every day. Having the drive and dedication to work hard day in and day out means a lot, as they don’t need someone that’s going to slouch around all day and simply collect a paycheck. They’re looking for someone that’s going to make an immediate impact, and inspire those around them to work just as hard.

Can Operate Alone Or With A Team

The age-old interview question “are you a team player or work better alone” has categorized and outcasted prospective employees for years. As an introvert, you may find that you complete your best work when left to your own devices, but aren’t comfortable working with others. Team players may be great at brainstorming and working on group projects but crumple at the thought of working by themselves. The employee companies are looking for can still be on either way of the spectrum, however, they’re able to still perform on the other side. A “hybrid of sorts can still go off on their own and complete their daily tasks alone, and still contribute effectively to a brainstorming session, or group work.


As cliche as it may sound, being able to think outside of the box to overcome obstacles is a huge quality for prospective employees. Versatility and flexibility in the moment of a problem arising can be just what everyone needs to get over the hump. This ability to take a step back and suggest an unconventional solution to an issue makes potential employees highly sought after. 

Prospective employees everywhere should be aware of these qualities before going into an interview with a company or professional staffing company. They should also be prepared for the interview itself.

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