Business owners that are seeking the most qualified and reliable candidates for their organization can look no further than GL Staffing. At GL Staffing, we have over 60 years of staffing experience in Hollywood, Florida. Our commercial staffing agency in Hollywood provides top-of-the-line candidates for small businesses and large corporations alike. 

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GL Staffing is the expert when it comes to sourcing the most qualified and experienced candidates possible. That’s how we cemented our spot as the industry leader in Commercial Staffing in Hollywood, FL. 

GL Staffing Commercial Staffing Services In Hollywood, FL 

We provide on-demand commercial staffing services in Hollywood, FL that are affordable and flexible. This allows business owners to increase the productivity of the business while reducing the cost of labor. 

Choose GL Staffing, and experience the help that our commercial staffing services in Hollywood, FL, can provide to your business. We’re a full-service commercial staffing agency, offering recruiting services, on-site services, service employee safety training, departmentalized billing, and much more. 

Our mission is to find the right employee for the role your business needs filled at that moment. We take great pride in making the staffing process and smooth and effective as possible. Just let us know your staffing needs as a business, and together, we’ll find the right individual to fill that position. 

Manufacturing Staffing Services In Hollywood, FL 

GL Staffings manufacturing staffing in Hollywood, FL, will find the right people for the position your business needs. GL Staffing is the number one staffing company in Hollywood, FL, and no other staffing agencies can get the job done like us. 

Manufacturing Industries And Positions 

Hire only the most skilled workers through our manufacturing staffing services in Hollywood, FL.  

Company And Employee Manufacturing Staffing Services

GL Staffing finds prospective employees looking for varying types of employment. This ranges from full-time, part-time, temp to hire, seasonal, and more. 

Light Industrial Staffing Services In Hollywood, FL 

Light industrial companies should aim to hire employees that want to grow alongside the business. This allows business owners to focus on running their business as efficiently as possible. 

Light Industrial Trades And Positions

The candidates that we’ll put in front of your company will be ready to work on the first day. Experience the benefit of hiring employees that are capable of leaving a positive impact on your light industrial business in Hollywood, FL. 

Construction Staffing Services In Hollywood, FL 

Construction companies and contracting firms are always in the market for fresh, highly skilled laborers. This is why we hire only the most eager and qualified individuals for your construction company in Hollywood, FL. 

Construction Industries And Positions

At GL Staffing, we ensure that each candidate you meet with will have the experience and skill required to fill the role your business needs. This allows your business to experience a lasting, positive impression quickly. 

Hospitality Staffing Services In Hollywood, FL 

Are you looking for experienced and qualified hospitality staff for your business or organization in Hollywood, FL? At GL Staffing, we know that the hospitality industry requires more than just one set of skills and service experience. GL Staffing offers customized hospitality solutions for your business. 

Hospitality Industries And Positions

 GL Staffing offers direct-hire, seasonal, full-time, temp to hire, and temporary hire hospitality staffing services in Hollywood, FL. Additionally, we also staff for Customized Vendor Management Programs Solutions. 

Event Planner Staffing In Hollywood, FL

GL Staffing’s event planner staffing services in Hollywood, FL, gathers the most qualified team to operate your event. We work closely with our event planner clients to ensure the client is capable of precisely what they require from a new employee. 

Event Planner Industries And Positions 

We offer event planner staffing services in Hollywood, FL, that is flexible so that your hiring demands are met. This allows your business to hire staff that is driven, determined, and reliable. 

The Benefits of Our Commercial Staffing Agency in Hollywood, FL

At GL Staffing, our commercial staffing agency in Hollywood, FL, finds your organization the most dependable workers. We provide personalized attention for each client we serve in the commercial industry.

Our expert staffing agency handles every aspect of the recruitment process. That way, you get to focus on managing your organization. We customize our recruitment plan to reflect the individual needs of your company. That way, you benefit from talented employees that are ready to hit the ground running.

GL Staffing’s commercial staffing service provides a variety of benefits that include:

Flexible Staffing

By choosing us for our Hollywood staffing agency, you will have the choice of hiring candidates that best fit your scheduling needs.

You can waste a lot of your own precious time when it comes to searching for new employees that are able to work under your schedule. So instead of wasting your own time seeking the best employees, allow us to do it for you. Thanks to our tremendous experience, we feel certain that we can find for you candidates that are able to work temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent placements. Ultimately, our staffing agency in Hollywood will allow you to recruit just about any amount of staff members you need that are able to work diligently and productively under your scheduling requirements.

Risk-Free Recruitment

Even though it’s common that a staffing agency in Hollywood will usually demand upfront fees or obligations, you can trust that GL Staffing never will. We want to ensure that our clients are engaging in a risk-free recruitment process when looking for employees. Because of this, we won’t ever impose any unnecessary fees.

We completely understand how searching for employees can be a time-consuming process. And whenever you’re wasting time, you’re making less money. Hiring a Hollywood staffing agency that charges clients various fees in staffing would absolutely defeat the purpose of hiring said service to look for employees in order to save money. Due to this, you can best believe that we won’t ever charge you such fees when looking for employees.

Versatile Recruiting Services

There are numerous people who don’t know just how versatile our staffing agency in Hollywood is. Just saying that we search for quality employees is such an understatement that describes our multi-faceted responsibilities.

Once we get to work looking for the best employees for your business/company, we always go out of our way to ensure that you’re more than satisfied with your new staff. And to ensure we do this correctly, we depend on sourcing, phone screenings, and in-person interviews.

Our Hollywood staffing agency works hard to make sure that they make the right choices on the most qualified employees for your business. We will always double-check to make sure that the employees we give you ultimately work to your benefit. Moreover, to further ensure that your new employees are best for you, we also perform background checks as well.

Candidate Due Diligence

Other than performing background checks, we also go to other great lengths to ensure that your new employees are the best fit for you. When we say that we double-check, we make the absolute most out of our Hollywood staffing agency expertise.

When consulting with your potential candidates, we don’t only perform simple one-on-one interviews. We also perform skill assessments to make sure we know how well they can actually perform in your work environment. Moreover, we also look into candidates’ listed references to verify the validity of their employment history as well as their expertise. We even perform drug screens for them as well, if you so wish for us to do that.

Customized Recruitment Plans

One of the best things about our Hollywood staffing agency is that our services are completely customizable based on your needs. Even though we often have a guideline that we like to follow during staffing procedures, we are more than willing to adjust our methods based on what you require. You ultimately have the decision in creating a recruitment plan that you know will guarantee you’ll receive the greatest employees.

If you feel that you are pressed for time when needing the right staff and you don’t require that we fulfill all procedures when searching for qualified employees, we can adjust for you. Or if you simply think some methods of our staffing procedures aren’t needed to help you find the right staff, we can also adjust for you. You ultimately have the choice; it’s entirely in your hands.


Staffing Agency in Margate FloridaE-Verify allows employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of a new employee. E-Verify is a voluntary program that electronically matches an employee’s information provided by their Form I-9.

Employers with federal contracts or subcontracts, E-Verify is required. It is the most reliable means available to confirm employment eligibility electronically.

GL Staffing takes all the hassle out of hiring for your commercial organization. We take pride in providing our customers with our five fundamental values: Expertise, Value, Service, Price, & Ownership.

As we have promised for years, our Commercial Staffing Agency in Davie, FL, gets the job done!

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