Are you looking to employ the most experienced and dependable employees for your organization? With over 6 decades of experience, GL Staffing can find the right people to fill the necessary roles of your business. Look no further than our commercial staffing agency in Miami Dade, FL. 

Whether you need remote or on-premise staff, we are equipped to handle the unique staffing needs of businesses in Miami. Our staffing experts provide professional service that is backed by decades of industry experience. We utilize cutting-edge, placement data-driven technology to connect you with the best possible candidates to fill your vacant job openings.

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We Specialize in Job Placement of Skilled Professionals Across Multiple Industries

GL Staffing specializes in sourcing the most qualified candidates in the area. This has cemented our position as the industry leader in Commercial Staffing In Miami Dade, FL. 

Commercial Staffing Services In Miami Dade, FL 

Our on-demand commercial staffing services are both flexible and affordable. This allows business owners to maximize production while keeping labor costs low. 

Ready to experience the benefit of procuring commercial staffing services in Miami Dade, FL? GL Staffing offers a full range of commercial staffing services in Miami Dade, FL. These include recruiting services, on-site services, service employee safety training, departmentalized billing, and so much more. 

At GL Staffing, finding the right employee to fill the required roles of your business is our mission. Our staffing agents take great pride in making the staffing process as simple and effective as possible. Just let us know what your staffing needs are as a business, and together with your business, we’ll get the job done. 

Manufacturing Staffing Services In Miami Dade, FL

GL Staffing’s manufacturing staffing agency finds the right people for the job. There are no other staffing agencies in Miami Dade, FL that can find the right people for your business as well as GL Staffing can. 

Manufacturing Industries And Positions 

Rest easy knowing that your business is only hiring the most skilled workers when you choose our manufacturing staffing services in Miami Dade, FL. 

Company And Employee Manufacturing Staffing Services

We find prospective employees that are after a wide variety of employment types. This includes full-time, part-time, temp to hire, seasonal and much more.

Light Industrial Staffing Services In Miami Dade, FL 

Light industrial companies should seek out potential employees that will leave a positive impact on their business. This allows business owners to focus on efficiently operating their business. 

Light Industrial Industries And Positions 

GL Staffing provides candidates for your business that are ready to work from their first day on the job. Experience the benefit of hiring employees capable of positively impacting your business.

Construction Staffing Services In Miami Dade, FL 

Highly skilled labor is always in demand for contracting firms and construction companies. We’ll provide your business with only the most eager and experienced individuals through our construction staffing agency in Miami Dade, FL. 

Construction Fields And Positions 

Each candidate’s skills and experience will be a perfect match for the position your business needs filled. This provides your business with an immediate and lasting positive impact. 

Hospitality Staffing Services In Miami Dade, FL 

Looking for the right hospitality staff for your business or organization in Miami Dade, FL? At GL Staffing, we know the hospitality industry requires more than just one set of skills and service experience. Our hospitality staffing solutions in Miami Dade, FL are highly customized to each client we come across. 

Hospitality Industries And Positions 

GL Staffing provides hospitality staffing services for direct-hire, seasonal, full-time, temp to hire and temporary hire. We also staff for Customized Vendor Mangement Programs Solutions. 

Event Planner Staffing In Miami Dade, FL 

At GL Staffing, our event planner staffing services in Miami Dade, FL gathers the best team for your event. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that the right person is found for the position. 

Event Planner Industries And Positions 

Our event planner staffing services are flexible in order to best meet your hiring demands. That way, your event company can hire staff that is driven, determined, and dependable. 

Current Openings

GL Staffing has job openings of all kinds, all times of the year. Recently, the following positions have been in high demand in the Miami, FL area:

The Benefits of Our Commercial Staffing Agency in Miami Dade, FL

At GL Staffing, our commercial staffing agency in Miami Dade, FL, finds your organization the most dependable workers. We provide individualized attention for each client we serve in the commercial industry.

Our expert staffing agency handles every aspect of the recruitment process. That way, you get to focus on managing your organization. We customize our recruitment plan to reflect the individual needs of your company. That way, you benefit from talented employees that are ready to hit the ground running.

GL Staffing’s commercial staffing service provides a variety of benefits that include:

Flexible Staffing

You’ll be provided with the choice to hire candidates that best fit your scheduling needs when you choose to hire us for our Miami Dade staffing agency services.

Looking for quality employees that can work within your schedule can be a time-consuming process. So instead of wasting your own time trying to find the greatest employees, let us do the work for you. Due to our tremendous amount of experience, we feel more than certain that we can find for you candidates that can work temporary, temporary to permanent, and permanent placements. Ultimately, our staffing agency in Miami Dade will allow you to recruit any amount of employees that are able to work productively and diligently under your scheduling requirements.

Risk-Free Recruitment

While it’s typical for a staffing agency in Miami Dade to charge you with upfront fees or obligations, you won’t ever have to worry about such charges from GL Staffing. We want to make sure that our customers are engaging in a risk-free recruitment process when searching for employees. Due to this, we won’t ever charge you any unnecessary fees.

We realize how seeking employees can be a time-consuming process. And when you waste time, you’re just making less money. Hiring a Miami Dade staffing agency that will charge you with miscellaneous fees in staffing would just defeat the purpose of hiring said service to look for employees in order to save money. For this reason, you can best believe that GL Staffing won’t ever charge you such fees when searching for employees.

Versatile Recruiting Services

“We search for quality employees” is an understatement that only describes a mere fraction of our multi-faceted responsibilities.

Once we get to work searching for the best employees for your business/company, we always go out of our way to ensure that you’re much more than satisfied with your new staff. And to make sure that we do this correctly, we rely on sourcing, phone screenings, and in-person interviews.

We here at GL Staffing use our Miami Dade staffing agency services to make sure that we make the right decisions on only the most qualified employees for your business. We will always double-check to ensure that employees we provide you with will work to your benefit. Moreover, to further ensure that your new employees are a great fit, we will also perform background checks also.

Candidate Due Diligence

Other than performing background checks, we also go the extra mile to guarantee that your new staff is a good fit for you. When we say that we doubly-check, we absolutely make the most out of our Miami Dade staffing agency expertise.

When speaking with potential candidates, we don’t only just perform simple one-on-one interviews. We also do skill assessments to make sure that we gain an understanding of just how well candidates can perform in your work environment. Moreover, we also verify candidates’ listed references to verify the validity of their employment history as well as their expertise. We even perform drug screens for them as well, if you so wish for us to do that.

Customized Recruitment Plans

The best thing about our Miami Dade staffing agency is that our services are completely customizable based on your needs. Even though we usually have a guideline that we follow during staffing procedures, we are more than willing to adjust our methods based on what you require. Generally, you have the choice in creating a recruitment plan that you will guarantee you’ll receive the greatest employees.

If you feel that you are pressed for time when needing the right staff and you don’t require that we fulfill all procedures when searching for qualified employees, we can adjust for you. Or if you simply think some methods of our staffing procedures aren’t needed to help you find the right staff, we can also adjust for you. You ultimately have the choice; it’s entirely in your hands.


Staffing Agency in Margate FloridaE-Verify allows employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of a new employee. E-Verify is a voluntary program that electronically matches an employee’s information provided by their Form I-9.

Employers with federal contracts or subcontracts, E-Verify is required. It is the most reliable means available to confirm employment eligibility electronically.

GL Staffing takes all the hassle out of hiring for your commercial organization. We take pride in providing our customers with our five fundamental values: Expertise, Value, Service, Price, & Ownership.

As we have promised for years, our Commercial Staffing Agency in Miami Dade, FL, gets the job done!


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